Wellness at Campushallen


We help you with functional diagnosis and active treatment of injuries and painful problem areas. Active treatment usually means modified training or specific rehab exercises where you actively participate in the process to train without pain on your level. We also help you with contact information for other healthcare providers if necessary. 





Do you need help to increase circulation and flexibility? Maybe you want to get rid of your tensions, aches or want to prevent injuries? See one of our experienced massage therapists for a customised treatment.





Personal training

Personal training is an effective and inspriing way to get the most out of your workout! There are many different reasons to hire a personal trainer. The personal trainer will be your source of inspiration, a sounding board, workout buddy - simply a person to create the conditions for you to efficiently and safely be able to reach your goals. You can also select dietary advice within personal training.





We support you to turn your challenges into opportunities. The session can be about anything that feels important for your right now, a longing to develop, a desire for more ease in your life, a need for more energy or support in making a decision / taking the next step. We use the coaching method Zen Coaching, which is a simple and powerful method with inspiration from both Eastern and Western philosophies with a focus on personally development and a more authentic living.

A session includes:
- Mindfulness
- Empathetic listening and mirroring
- Various tools such as Non Violent Communication.


Wellness team

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