Inner calm and external strength by working with various body positions, breathing and concentration excersices.

Yoga is an old practice which is more than 5000 years old and consists of various techniques; body positions, breathing tecniques, relaxation, and meditation. By practising Yoga regularly, you will improve your ability to listen to your inner voice.

All Yoga has the same basics, but throughout the years many kinds of Yoga have developed in order to suit people more induvidually. You're very welcome to try out our different types of yoga in order to find the type that suits you.

Type of training


Our yoga classes:

Mjuk Yoga

Soft Yoga. Slow and simple Yoga positions and disciplines, to loosen up tight muscles and stiff joints. All levels are welcome. 


We create a flow between movements and breathing. Here you train your strength, flexibility, balance and mental presence.
With the help of yoga you can increase your body awareness and reduce your stress levels.

Each yoga instructor has their own focus and the workouts offer a great variety of yoga training.


Bring along to your Yoga class:

Comfortable workout clothes
Mats are available to borrow but you are welcome to take your own equipment
We recommend a long-sleeved t-shirt for the relaxation part at the end of the class
No shoes required

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