The smallprint

Campushallen's mission



LSIF membership

To use Campushallen you need to be a member of LSIF student association. Does not apply to Admission, 10 session Court Rental or Athletics Month.

  • The membership fee must be paid anually.
  • You are covered by our accident insurance on your way to, during and on your way from Campushallen's activities.


Members' agreement 

Signing up for any membership at Campushallen, an agreement is signed between LSIF/Campushallen och yourself. Read the agreement thoroughly before purchasing your membership.



Integritetsrutiner och ansvar

För att nyttja Campushallens tjänster behöver du vara registrerad i vårt kundregister. Information om hur dina personuppgifter hanteras hittar du i våra integritetsrutiner. 

Läs våra rutiner


Trivsel- och bokningsregler träning


Dopingförebyggande arbete