Press information from Campushallen/LSIF

At large events, happenings or news, we inform media via press information email.

Press information May 2016 - Intentionsavtal ny anläggning i Ebbepark

Press information March 2014 - Jonas Colting

Press information Februry 2014 - Mental trainingt

Questions from media please contact verksamhetschef or föreningens ordförande


Media where Campushallen/LSIF has been emphasized

Corren, Report about LiU-loppet (runningevent), April 2017

Corren, Report about "Mamatummy Day", April 2017

LiU-web, Report about the "50 year old with an eye towards the future", March 2017.

Nolltretton, Report from Bodypump100 release - see page 33, January 2017

Sveriges Radio. Many people do not use their health care contributions. January 2017

Corren newspaper, Doping prevention, December 2016

LiU-nytt, New students are training at Campushallen in the project "Future nobel prise winners", November 2016

Corren. Vilma is sponsored by Campushalen and is coached by Erik Svärd as PT at Campushallen. "Unexpected medal winner for Ekström". November 2016

Mera Linköping, if our anti doping works, "Working with anti doping - with burpees". October 2016

Corren newspaper. Tiffany wins SM-gold in Kettlebells. "Training that requires a strong head" - 6 October 2016

Radio P4. Campushallen gets a visish from Class 8b at Skäggetorpsskolan who try out Underground. October 2016.

Affärsstaden, about the concept competence, about 100 list and women in companies board and facility in Ebbepark, sep 2016

Corren newspaper, about the new athletics hall in Ebbe Park, May 2016

LiU-web, about the new establishment in Ebbe Park, May 2016 

Corren nrwspaper, Project Active LiU-employee ("The assemble the thresehold for training"), April 2016 

SVT Öst, Music help, Dec 2015

Linköpingsposten newspaper, about training after childbirth, August 2014

LiU-web, om LiU-run, 2014-03-17

LiU-web, about lectures, 2014-02-12

LiU-web, om mental träning, 2014-02-05