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Many people are engaged in our organisation; employed, non-profited, those who work for a fee depending on their work, and of course all our members and clients!



We are today 20 employees at Campushallen. These are receptionists, therapists, people in charge of specific areas, and also support staff to the organisation. If you are intrested in working with us, please send your CV and personal letter to: . Vacancies will be announced on your website, but if you want to apply spontaniously, you are very welcome to do so - just try to specify your area of interest.

Just now

Receptionist vacancy

We are now looking for you who wants to work with customer service at our reception. You want to work in a team with other receptionists and aim for high quality in every meeting with customers and members.

Read more about what we are looking for!


As a receptionist, you are the face of Campushallen, you should be service-oriented, like sales and answering questions and working with the usual reception tasks in our operating system. You act as an informant and seller of our training activities and wellness on offer! In the receptionist role you will create a good relationship with visitors and members and be able to handle people as they wish to be treated.

Features and skills:

  • Experience of service / sales or reception work.
  • You are initiating and communicative.
  • Documented experience of the above tasks.

We would like you to:

  • Sharing our interest in sports and health.
  • Be able to speak English in both the spoken and written language.
  • Are flexible and has the ability to see solutions.
  • Enjoyed the role of seller
  • Know, want, can and dare to develop as an individual and to be a contributor so Campushallen will continue to be Östergötland's leading training and wellness facility!

Employment: The service is a 50% deployment starting October 2017. The operations are large and wide, the organisation is relatively small, so some cross-border work tasks can occur. It is also a prerequisite that you can be flexible with working hours when we are open both day and evening as well as weekends. It is an advantage if you have experience in the BRP business system.

Welcome with your application! Any questions can be answered by Emma Kårdal 013-327 24 38 and the application with personal letter and CV is sent to with "Receptionist" as subject line, until 2017-09-12.

Work for a fee


Being an instructor in our group training is a part-time assignment and you probably have another main occupation. All different ages, personalities, experiences and competencies are needed. To apply for an instructor read more here.

Ball sports leader or referee

To be a ball sport leader or referee in our eight different ball sports is a part-time assignment. You probably have another main occupation and you are all of different ages, personalities, experiences and competencies. To apply read more here.

Gym host

As a gym host at Campushallen you are instrumental in the gym for questions and tips. You help to keep good track of the equipment and weights. You will help our customers by informing them of our gym facilities, helping them with technique and exercises and when necessary shows them how the machinery and equipment in the gym works. You will also inform customers about other activities and services on offer and how the facility works.

To apply read more here.

Student ambassador

Being a Student Ambassador is a position of trust within Campushallen. You are a student who's main job is a passion for training and dissemination of training joy to others. Is this something for you? Learn more about the task and see the current application period.

Learn more about what it means to be a student ambassador

Board, nominating committee and internal auditors

Those who work in nonprofit activities include our Board of Directors, Nominating Committee and our internal auditors. They have a strategic mission focusing on the association and its members as a whole. Before the election of the next association meeting in Spring 2017 the Nominating Committee seek Board member competence. 

The Nominating Committee's task is to nominate and maintain a working Board in a qualified way to manage the association.
The Nominating Committee proposes new members to the Board and Nominating Committee and evaluates its work continuously and provides the Board with feedback. In the current situation the Nominating Committee consists of three members who are working in parallel with the work of the Board and elected to a term of one year. Today the mission is that you be elected both on a voluntary and remunerated basic.

Campushallen expands - participate in the board!

Campushallen now faces a host of exciting challenges. Within three years we will open another facility in Ebbe Park, and there are plans for further expansions both in other places and in other areas. Even incorporation of operations is being examined.

We are now looking for board members who wants to participate and help drive development forward, so we achieve our expansion goals.

You need to have a good understanding of our business, from sale to consumers in an expanding business and economic issues. You need to familiarise yourself with the changes Campushallen / LSIF faces and understand how it affects the business. Involvement in issues related to the municipality of Linköping, industry or university in sports medicine and / or students we see as valuable.

Desirable skills are within one or more of the following areas: strategy for growth, business development, finance, law, communication and / or experience in operations conducted in multiple locations. Ability to make risk analysis and prudent choices regarding risks is an advantage as well as experience in the industry, local business or academia.

Personal qualities we are looking for is responsiveness, teamwork and flexibility. You are an ambassador for Campushallen!

The Board assignment involves continuously working throughout the year working on various issues and take part in our ten meetings. The workload varies over time and depending on the mission, but so far has been approximately in one month about six hours work. The mission is renumerated.

We want your application no later than April 14 mailed to