PT in a group

Take the opportunity to participate in a brand new activity at Campushallen. By PT (personal training) in a group you get both benefits of individual personal training and the dynamics of training in a group. We offer groups for weights training, functional training and fitness training. 

This target specific training takes place over a limited time period of 10 weeks,.
In the training set up you get:

  • 10 st training sessions with of Campushallens personal trainers
  • Together with 5 other participants, you get energy and group dynamics.
  • An initial individual discussion with a personal trainer before you start training.
  • Tests both at the start and end of the training, to measure your results.
  • In addition, you get an exercise programme for your own individual training during the training period.
A common set up for all 3 orientations are:

Week.1 a PT discussion including start tests 
Week.2 2 passes with the PT group
Week.3 2 passes with the PT group
Week.4 a pass with the PT group and own training 
Week.5 a pass with the PT group and own training 
Week.6 a pass with the PT group and own training 
Week.7 own training
Week.8 own training
Week.9 a pass with the PT group and own training
Week.10 collective finish with tests

PT in group – Weights training 

Training in a gym environment, to be inspired, be stronger and learn to master the techniques of weight training.

We train the different muscle groups separately, for maximum strength with both new and proven exercises. The different components form the whole workout and you become stronger and a better technique after every training session. 

Responsible personal trainer: Maria Hildén
Days and times for the PT group: Mondays 12pm-1pm and Fridays 3pm- 4pm.
Start date: October 2015.
Last date for application: 1st October 2015.

PT in group – Functional training

We fous on core and stability, especially in the torso, shoulders and hips. Training is performed with ones own body as a tool together with pilates ball, TRX and Bosu.

The goal is to build up strength from within the deep stablising muscles in the body to thereby create a movement pattern where you get the maximum out of your muscle work in training or in a specific sport, while as the same time you get a better functioning body for everyday life.

Responsible personal trainer: Maria Hildén
Days and times for PT group: Tisdays and Fridays 7am - 8am. Start date: October 2015.
Last date for application: 1st October 2015.

PT in group – Fitness

Make the move from jogging to running over a 10 week period. Improve your fitness and running technique for better posture and effectivness in your running. 

Can you jog at least 3 km and would like to take the first step towards becoming a runner with a goal of 5 km or 10 km under a certain time? 
Then this is something for you!
The pass is conducted outdoors and includes running school, strength for runners and interval training workouts.  
Responsible personal trainer: Gunilla Jonsson
Days and times for PT group: Tuesdays and Thursdays 12pm-1pm
Last date for application: 1st October 2015.


Who can participate?

We welcome those who are physically active today but want motivation and take the next step in your training and to learn more about the training orientation you are intrested in.

Application and cost

Application: application form (also available in the column to the right)
Number of places: 6 places per group.
Last date of application: continue during autum 2015
Price: 2 500 kr 
After registration you will receive information regarding payment and contact with the personal trainer you signed up for. 

If the group is full we will notify you, and you are automatically added to the reserve list for that group.

Should the interest for a group be large we will consider starting with more groups. 

Our goal is to continuously launch new training groups in the future. If this launch does not suit you you can register your interest for forthcoming groups. We contact you when the start date for the next groups is available.