Private lessons

Private lessons are an effective and inspiring way to get the most out of your training and your game. The coach will be your inspirer, your sounding board and you own personal trainer for one hour. Whether you are an experienced player or if you are a beginner our trainers give you the challenge you need to develop and move forward with your training.



At a private lesson in badminton, we work according to your goals and train at the parts of the game that will make you a better player. If you are a beginner we will help you with the basics of badminton. If you are an experienced player, we work to development your stroke technique, footwork and tactics etc.

Our badminton coaches 

Private lessons are given by our trainers who all have many years experience in both competing at a high level and training others.

Are you interested?

Book yourself in by completing the questionnaire located to the right of this page. One of our coaches will contact you then within five days to schedule a training time at our facility.


  • One person 490:-
  • Two people 590:-

The price includes a 60 minute private lesson with the trainer, badminton court, you can borrow a badminton racket and balls. Both feather shulltecocks and plastic shuttlecocks are available.

To get the most out of your training, we recommend that you warm up before the start of the private lesson.

If you have any questions please contact our Sports Officer Fredrik Gille
Telephone: 013 - 327 24 25