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Mathilda Flood

Personal Trainer

Licensed personal trainer, trained at Bergqvist Massage och Friskvårdsutbildning, Linköping.

Mathilda's focus as a personal trainer is to find the drive, motivation and joy in your particular workout. The gym uses Mathilda uses functional training including TRX, own body workout but her favorite tool is the kettlebell and has been doing so for many years. Traditional weights training with focus on basic exercieses and variations on these is also one of many tools that she uses. Another focus area is weight loss, Mathilda from her own life experience shows the establishment of what a good diet and exercise habits can do for their self-esteem and weight. To set goals for their training is one way to keep the motivation going. One of Matilda's first goal was a Womens Swedish Classic which she carried out in 2012. Her first Swedish Classic she carried out in 2013.
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Clay Jayson

Personal trainer 

Licensed personal trainer and certified massage therapist, trained at Bergqvist Massage and Friskvårdsutbildning, Linköping.

Clay's training philosophy is; if you have fun when you train it creates a positive stimuli, which means you want to repeat the behaviour. The right amount of challenge creates development and as you develop, it will continue to be fun. There are no failures, only misses in your success. With the right attitude, you can climb mountains or win 2 SM Gold medals in boxing. With over 10 years experience in the weight class athletes and working as a chef, Clay knows how important nutrition is. He will help you see possibilities instead of problems and as a personal trainer he uses a lot of functional exercises. "We should train as we move, in a flow" as every chain is as strong as its weakest link. His background in sports comes from martial arts (mainly boxing), obstacle courses and running. Contact Clay via e-post



Gunilla Jonsson

Personal Trainer

Licenced personal trainer and certificated massage therapist at Bergqvist Massage- och Friskvårdsutbildning, Linköping.

As a personal trainer Gunilla coaches with focus on fitness and strength. From her experience of triathlons, cross country skiing and orientation you will inspired by varied cardio and functional strength training both for everyday exercises as well as sporting challenges. At Campushallen she instructs in group exercise classes Bosu, core, core ball, TRX, aerobics and spinning.
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Ida Karlsson 

Zen Coach

Certified massage therapist and internationally certified Coach Zen and Yoga teacher. Educated at Bergqvist Massage and Friskvårdsutbildning, Linköping. Trained by Kari Landfald, founder of Zen Coaching, Molkom. Trained by The Kundalini Research Institute, Linköping and Samayoga School, Bali.

Ida lives with yoga wisdom as its guiding principle in life. A beacon to lead a life of truth, vibrancy and meaning. Ida has been teaching yoga since 2006. Ida works at Campushallen as a massage therpaist, Zen Coach, yoga instructor and is also the leader for our yoga activities.
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