Instructor Selection

Do you dream of becoming an instructor?
Or are you already an instructor and want to work with us at Campushallen? Then you have come to the right place!

It is not important if you have experience as an instructor, the important thing is that you are passionate about training and helping others to find exercise joy!
Obviously it is an advantage to have previously experience as an instructor, but for us at Campushallen it is important that you love doing what you do, and we believe that if you love what you do you will get very good at being an instructor at Campushallen. 

How to apply?

Campushallen is constantly looking for new and inspiring instructors. Are you interested in working with us, start by filling in our instructor profile and you will be then contacted by our group fitness co-ordinator. You will also find a list of our competition times so you can book a time that bests suits you. See below.


Book tryouts / audition

During certain periods (May and November) we have tryout times posted where you can present your knowledge as an instructor. A tryout means that you show your skills as an instructor in the area of expertise you instruct in. When you have sent your 'Instructor Profile' to us book at the same time book a tryout time that suits you. Listed tryout times can be found in the right column. To book, you need to register on our website.


Welcome with your application!

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