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Active Student is a project where we help you to get started with training and movitate and inspire you to adopt a healthier lifestyle. 

Between 2nd of November 2016 - 26th of April 2017, you will work on your fitness and health along with 29 other participants. By providing good training opportunities both in a group and individually, with interesting lectures and workshops, tests and personal support throughout these 6 months, we will give you the tools you need to become stronger both physically and mentally. 

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About the project

The Swedish National Union of Students (SFS) highlighted in a report (SFS 2006) that mental health issues among students and negative trend curves showed an increase of fatigue, insomnia, nervousness and anxiety, and that students today are under great pressure. The project started in 2010 with financial support from the Swedish Inheritance Fund and the SAIF (Swedish University Sports Federation). With these two organisations' support Linköpings university, along with three other universities in Sweden, started the project Active Student. Active Student is aimes at the group of students we normally have difficulty in connecting with - the physically inactive. Our goal is for participants to improve their physical and mental health by offering customised training in small groups, workshops and lectures about health and well-being. Four years into the project we can proudly say that we have found an approach that works! Results show that 84% of those who have participated are still physically active one year after the end of the project!


  • A 6 month Active Student card with customised group training classes.
  • A 6 month gym membership with access to the entire range of activities at Campushallen.
  • Health tests.
  • Lectures with regard to training, nutrition and health.
  • One-to-one motivational chats.
  • Workshops regarding health and training.
  • Instructions how to workout in the gym.
  • Inspiration for a healthier lifestyle.
  • All this is included for just 350 kr / month. (Normal price 10 000 kr)

Who can apply?

  • You arer a student at Linköping University who will graduate no sooner than Summer 2017.
  • You are less than 25 years old.
  • You have been inactive from exercise for at least one year.
  • You are ready to make a lifestyle change to improve your health.
  • You are motivated to do this together with others in the same situation as you.

Instructors and coaches 2016-17

Fredrik Gille, Gunilla Jonsson, Clay Jayson and Mathilda Flood


You apply by clicking on the link below and fill out the application form.
The application deadline is Sunday 23rd October 2016.


Project manager Gunilla Jonsson;

E-mail: | Phone: 013-327 00:37


Interviews with former participants:

David Active Student participant 2014/2015

Why do you think students should apply to Active Student?
If you want to start training and live healthier, but do not really know how and where to get started, then Active Student is a perfect program that includes everything in relation to keeping fit, nutrition, stress management, and you to get learn how the body works. It is such a broad concept and there is something for everyone! It was so easy to workout when I knew that everyone else was also new to exercise!

What has the project meant to you?
It has meant quite a lot actually. I started again with training after a two-year break. I had trained a little before so all the classes were not entirely new to me, but to have the group and the compulsory classes to attend helped me to get continuity in training and to create new routines. The most important thing to me, I have discovered afterwards, was how we worked with stress management, yoga and mindfulness. It has helped me a lot during the last year of my studies. In addition I learned a lot about nutrition and how and what to eat in combination with training.

If you are more physically active now than a year ago, and what do you do now?
Yes, I've really got started thanks to the project. The first thing I started on my own was yoga that was good for both my flexibility and how I responded to stress. I have started using the gym to a greater extent where I focus on barbell training and often get help from the gym hosts to learn how to lift properly. I have also invested in one extra hour with a personal trainer so my training feels really safe and fun!


Sandra Bolin Active Student participant 2012/2013

Why did you apply to Active Student?
I applied to Active Student due to health reasons meaning that I needed to change my inactive lifestyle. I started searching on the Campushallen website and saw that they were looking for participants for this project. After I read through the information about the project, I decided to apply. I thought that the concept seemed very good for me, having tried on many occasions to get started with training but never completely succeeded.

How has Active Student helped you?
Active Student has contributed to the fact that today I have the motivation to train again. The project has helped me find a workout that I really enjoy and it has helped to increase my awareness and knowledge about training, food and health. Exercise and health has become of huge interest to me. I'm really glad that I applied and was accepted to participate in this project. I have found motivation, made a lifestyle change and am now an Active Student.

Would you recommend anyone else to apply to Active Student? If so, why?
I would definitely recommend other students to apply! You get the opportunity to find motivation, to try out lots of various classes and hopefully find the workout that makes you think exercise is fun. Included in the project there are workshops and lectures in training, nutrition and health, which means that you get the opportunity to widen you knowledge in these subjects too. You might even, like me, develop a genuine interest in fitness and health that go beyond Active Student frames.


Morgan Persson Active Student participant 2011/2012

Why did you apply to Active Student?
I had been inactive since high school and found it hard to get started. I read the information leaflet and felt that this was something for me. I was a bit skeptical before we started, and was afraid that it was a concept like "Biggest -Loser". I was wrong! The set-up followed ones own terms, simply a great concept! I recommend anyone thinking of applying to do so!

How has Active Student helped you?
Active Student has absolutely helped me get started with my training. We got to try out many different classes and I feel I have gained an increased knowledge regarding exercise and health. Through various lectures and workshops I learned things that I did not have a clue about.

Would you recommend anyone else to apply to Active Student? If so, why?
Absolutely! You obtain an increased knowledge about exercise and health, and you get to meet many nice people, we got a good cohesion in our group. All involved have similar conditions and all we were beginners in a way. It was reassuring to make a fool of oneself and laugh together.


Welcome to our fun group and be an Active Student with us at Campushallen!


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