Linköping student sports association, non profit and open to all.

LSIF was founded in 1966 and since then has evolved to become one of Linköping's largest associations for sports and wellness. As a member you are an important part of the association!

Linköping student sports (LSIF) is a non profit organisation with no profit motive. Our bylaws Linköping student sports (LSIF) is a nonprofit organization with no profit motive. Our by-laws describes how we works and what their purposes is.


The association's purpose:

to operate in accordance with sport mission (RF).
to offer an affordable and wide range of sports and outdoor activities of high quality.
to develop the business according to the members' wishes.
to mainly focus its activities on exercise activities with breadth and diversity.
to actively work with a preventive health and wellness business.
to have as main target group students at Linköping University, then employees of the university and the public in the Linköping region.

To obtain a training cards at Campushallen you need to be a member of the LSIF. As a member, you have certain rights and certain obligations. One of the rights for example is that you have the right to vote at the annual meeting. The association is a member of SAIF (Swedens University sports Federation) and thereby connected to the RF (Swedish Sports Confederation).



Read more about the associations by-laws here.


Business plan & Budget

Annually we produce a business plan and budget presented at the association's Spring meeting for agreement. All members are welcome to the Spring meeting.



We have ifour business policy documents. Below you can read how Campushallen is with regard to questions concerning nutrition, doping, alcohol and tobacco, as well as equal rights.

Environmental and social responsibility

Campushallen is constantly trying to develop its environmental and social responsibility work.
Here you can read more about what we do and how we work with these issues.



Presentation of LSIFs Board of Directors and Nominating Committee



The first inaugural meeting of the LSIF was held November 30, 1966 ...