Campushallen sponsors 18 athletes in various sports. The sponsorship means a partnership where we mutually help each other go for gold. The elite athlete gets help with good conditions for their training and competiting by being sponsored a training card, which gives the opportunity to train as much as they want in our facility. In return, the elite athlete helps Campushallen with ways to develop the business.

The requirement to be sponsored by Campushallen in an elite program is that you must be at a level equivalent to a national level in your sport, and that sport is linked to RF. Are you interested in being sponsored? Contact our Manager Fredrik Gille fredrikg@campushallen.se 013-327 24 25.

If you are interested in sponsorship in other areas or partnerships as individual athletes please contact our Marketing Manager, see  https://www.campushallen.se/kontakt. Reply to the questions: What? And for whom? and why? and How? to facilitate our position. Generally, we do not sponsor with money but primarily we work with joint efforts related to facilities, marketing or work.

Below you will find our sponsored athletes photographs and a small description of their elite program. We hope that these people focus on achieving their goals and their involvement in Campushallen somehow are able to inspire you in your own training.

Vilma Ekström - Swimming

Born 1994
Club Linköping General Simsällskap
My best swimming stroke is breaststroke, (50, 100, 200 meters)
Main merit Semifinal European Championship (2016), 1 SM silver, 8 SM bronze, 3 JSM gold, 5 JSM bronze
Education Primary School teachers F-3, Linköping University
During my years in the aquatic world, I have been part of the Swedish national team in all age groups, youth, junior and now since 2013 the national senior team. In 2013 I qualified for my first European championships where my main goal was to qualify for the competition. The next step for me in my development was also to reach a semi-final which I qualified for this Spring when the European Championships was in London. My next goal in 2017 is to swim Universiade in Taiwan.
In order to further develop and to achieve further goals requires new challenges and training levels. I look forward to working with Campushallen where I see the potential to become a stronger and more explosive swimmer. With my second year of teacher training Campushallen suits me perfectly as it is closely connected to the university.


Jonathan Hydén - Karate

Born: 1991
Height and weight: 93 kg distributed over 184 cm
Represents: Linköping Sport Karate and Swedish Karate National Team 
Passionate for all types of martial arts, but compete in karate with a view to medals in the big championships: European and World Championships.

Achievements: National Championships gold, NM medals, World Championships 16th place, German Open Premier League 5th place.
Sports Idols: Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Michael Jordan.

Some personal bests:
197.5 kg Deadlift
160 kg squat
110kg clean lift
77,5kg Hanging jerk

The Autumn Season 2014 started in an excellent way for me. I got a bit of a breakthrough on the international stage, where I managed to quality for the final at the Banzai Open, one of the competitions except for the World Cup that attracts the most talented fighters. After several tough matches that required both mental and physical strength, I stood finally on the podium with a silver medal, a little disappointed with my final performance. The following World Cup races, I was partly below my best ahead of the Autumn season's major goal and failed to live up to my potential.

Ahead of the season final in 2014, SM in Sundsvall, I had a tremendous desire for revenge following last year's disappointment when I was disqualified in the semifinals. Preparations including the last two weeks to top form appeared to show results that I simply qualified for the final. Once in the finals, I met the reigning Swedish champion and after steering the game to where I want it from the start, I won the game 9-0 before full time and finish it with my favorite throw, hiza guruma. I couldn't have asked for a better ending to the season.

Preparations for the coming season have already begun. Right now I am inside in a build up period phase where strength and endurance training at Campushallen is an extremely important part of my focus. My next big goal is the European Championships in Izmir, Turkey which will be held 19th -  22nd March 2015. Before that awaits milestones in the Paris Open, Dutch Open and the Estonian Open constituting the selection races where I will earn points for the national ranking system.

Cecilia Kleist - Running

Club: IK Akele
Sport:  Athletes-Running
Born: 1982
Employment: Workers at Saab AB as the Engineer in environmental resistance 
Education: M.Sc. Engineering, Linköping
Blog: http://springlfa.se/author/cissis-blogg/


Read more about  Cecilia

Season 2012
National team mission:  5th in Nordic Challenge 10000m, 6th in Finnkampen 10000m
SM:  10000m 2nd, 8km terrang running 3rd, 4km terrang running 5th, 5000m 5th

The 2012 season was my best yet. I managed to win my first national championship medal and broke a personal record at all distances that I competed in (3000m-10000m). I got to represent the national team twice in the 10000m. Unfortunately, I missed the finishing terrain season and the championships because I was injured with a stress fracture in the foot.
I train mainly at Campushallen to supplement my running training in various ways. I think it's really good that the range on offer is so wide and varied and I have taken advantage of the wide range on offer even during the Winter when I have not been able to run as much because of my injured foot. I train a lot on the cross trainer machines in the gym, but also trained a lot of cycle classes. When I have time, I try to take the opportunity to try some other team workout. They tend to be fun and useful. As a runner, it is also very convenient to have the athletics hall next door to easily train the different types of exercise.

Kenneth Frykler - American Football


American football is a sport that to me resembles the ultimate sport, you can see it as a physical chess game. The sport is to strategically and physically beat the opponent. You should either choose a strategy that will take out your opponents of the game or beat your opponents with sheer strength or speed. Therefore, it is important to not only train strength or to run intervals without seeing the body as a machine that constantly need to be developed at all levels. Balance, reaction, explosiveness, mobility and an understanding of the game are just some of the attributes that you have to train to become a successful American Football player.

Per Bengtsson - Archery

Name: Per Bengtsson
Bow strength: 47 pounds (23kg)
Bow weigh: 2,8kg
Arrow speed: ~200km/h
Precision at 70m: The arrows within a 25 cm circle when it is at its best. (World's elite keeps arrows within about 17cm)
SM-medals: 3 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze during the last 3 years.
International achievements: 17th place at EM 2010.
Best world ranking: 176
Current world ranking: 275
Ambitions with physical training Campushallen:
While retaining mobility: Bench press 1RM = 95kg, squat 1RM = 120kg, bench pull 1RM = 95kg. In addition, to maintain the balance between right and left side in the archery sport is all about balance and the ability to repeat a movement with a weight over  a long period of time.

Fredrik Johansson - Athletics

Name: Fredrik Johansson
Born: 1986
Club: IFK Växjö
Home club: IFK Växjö
Competing distances: 800m-10km
Best distance: 3000m steeplechase
Best achievements: 5 SM-bronze medals 3000m steeplechase. Final at 3000m steeplechase, Universiaden, Kazan 2013 . 9st JSM-medals of which 5 are gold at 2000m steeplechase and 5000meter. JNM-silver/bronze 3000meter steeplechase. Tre international and two junior internationals.

Albin Carlsson - Running

Albin Carlsson
Sport: Running
Club: IK Akele
The goal for the season is to take a top position at USM and eventually take a place in the Swedish national team. My favorite distance is 5000 meters, but the distance is seldom in the youth classes so for the moment my focus is on 1500 m and 3000 m. The nearest in time is IUSM in Växjö where I will run 1500 m and then I go to Kenya for a training camp over Easter.

Joni Jakoo - Running

Speciality: 800m
Personal record: 1.47.01
Goal with 2013: Make an attack on the Swedish record of 800m
Club: Hammarby IF
Trainer: Per Synnerman
Achievements: Seven finnkamper (winner 2010), two SM-gold (latest 2011), participated in VM, EM, Team-EM etc.
Training amount  2012: 576 training passes
Main characteristic: Disciplined
Favourite sportsperson: In athletics Wilson Kipketer (former world record holder in the 800m), otherwise Teemu Selanne (ice hockey) and after 50 km at the Ski World Championships this year so even Johan Olsson.
Favourtie food: Indian and lots of fika
Do when I have some time to spare: Reading  

Joakim Arveskär - Freestyle frisbee

Frisbee is a competitive sport consisting of a number of disciplines that are carried out in teams or individually. The different disciplines are very different from each other, but they have a common denominator, the disc (frisbee). Each discipline has discs adapted to their particular requirements.

Freestyle, which also is a team discipline with two or three players who along to music will perform a program with the Frisbee as a tool. One assesses the difficulty, execution and artistic impression. You throw the disc to the other, usually with a lot of spin, and will then try to carry out as many tricks as possible. In pairs, we compete in 4-minute routines and in Coop three players perform their routine, over a 5 minute period. For me Frisbee freestyle is the optimal sport in which the practitioner must give expression artistically, athletically and also emotionally. Both right and left sides of the brain have to be used both during the competition. Frisbee Freestyle competitions have been organised since the 70's and players can still find new tricks. I took my first World Championship gold in 2008 in Bologna, Italy, and I have a total of three gold medals, 5 European Championship Gold medals and 16 SM gold medals. It is the biggest medal harvest of any Swedish person taken in Freestyle. In 2015 Norrköping Frisbee club will organise the World Cup where  I intend to defend my gold together with Reto Zimmermann from Switzerland. I attach a line to the competition WFDF 2013 World Frisbee Disc Federation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ot51PKUDSRY

Carl Ahremark - Volleyboll

Born: 1989
Club: Linköpings Volleyboll Club

Achievements: 35 J-caps, 30 A-internationals, two national championship season 09/10 and 11/12, a SM-silver season 13/14, three SM-bronze medals season 08/09 and 10/11 and 12/13. Winner of the Swedish Cup 13 / 14och winner of the Grand Prix 11/12 and 13/14.

Alva Olsson - Orienteering

Born: 1989
Club: Linköpings OK
Home club: Västerås SOK 
Main achievements: European Championships silver in the relay in 2014, 2nd in World Cup relay 2014, 6th in World Cup long distance in 2014, 8th in World Cup middle distance in 2015, 8th in World Cup knock-out sprint in 2013, 9th in  World Cup sprint in 2015, SM bronze sprint 2014.

The last two years I have taken huge steps in my development. In 2013, I qualified myself in the national team and got to participate in both World Cups and World Championships. For season 2014, I made further progress, with EM-silver as my greatest achievement! The season 2015 began in January with the World Cup races in Tasmania. Where I took a stable 9th place in the sprint, 8th place in the middle distance, and 17th place in the long distance and as a result I am ranked 12th overall in the World Cup so far. 

With training at Campushallen I can supplement my other training in a good way. I can train weights and get into alternative training especially on the cross trainer. During the Winter it suits med that the athletics hall is in the same building.

Mathias Sjöström - Shooting 

Photo: Marcus Alsér

In the year 2000 I put my foot for the first time in the shooting hall at Vimmerby, when I was 6 years old. Nine years later, in 2009, I was introduced to the discipline that today is my main discipline: 60 shots standing air rifle at 10 meters indoor, 60 shots lying with free rifle at 50 meters outdoors and 3x40, or so-called whole match, which shoots kneeling, lying down and standing, also at 50 meters outdoors.

My career had a meteoric start when I took my first international medal already at my third competition in the discipline air rifle. As a result the road to success has been plain sailing, but in the Summer of 2013 my successes began to succeed one another, including a Swedish record and two JSM medals. In 2014 I saw my really big breakthrough in the 50-meter shooting. The season began with an unofficial Swedish record 60 shots lying for men juniors (unofficially for the reason that it was shot indoors, where there are no official records). When the season was over in the shooting bag I had achieved double total winnings in Sweden GP, ​​a gold and a silver from JSM, a 5th and a 7th place in SM and last, but not least, an NM silver medal.

This upcoming season is my first year as a senior, and the goal is to continue to improve my standing shooting, where the foundation is laid for air rifle season. Furthermore, the goal is to compete in the fight for medals at SM and also take a place at the European Championships and Universiade (student OS) in the 50-meter disciplines. In the longterm, the Olympic Games in 2020 in Tokyo, is also a goal.

Peder Jungstedt - American football 

I just moved to Linköping from Stockholm and look forward to continuing to develop as an American football player. Campushallen offers all the prerequisites for the comprehensive training required to be successful in American football. My first experience with the sport I gained at 16 years of age with the school team in high school, and shortly thereafter I started playing in the club Solna Chiefs U19 team. After my first season the club began an alliance with Täby Flyers and the team created STU Northside Bulls. With Bulls U19 team I won the national championships in 2006 and 2007. In my second season I was selected for the junior national team, and I have since played in both the junior and senior national teams. After the Swedish season 2011 I played for Sydney University Lions in Australia, where I was played and won a state championship and was named as one of the league's all-star teams. Throughout the years I have mainly played cornerback and safety (defensive back), positions where you need a combination of physics, finesse and understanding of the game. In 2012 I was named Sweden's best defensive back, which is my main individual merit as an American footballer. Before I started with American football I focused on basketball and won an unofficial junior championships and junior-NM for club teams.

Anton Persson - Mountain bike orienteering

Born: 1994
Club: OK Pan-Kristianstad
Studying: First year machine
Achievements: JVM - bronze in relay, 5th and 6th individually. JSM - 3 gold, 5 silver, 1 bronze. 7 stars at senior World Cup. 

Mountainbike orienteering (MTBO) is far from a big sport, but it combines the two sports which I think are the most fun - orienteering and cycling. During my time as a junior, I developed from being at the bottom of the international results table to fighting for medals at the JVM. For the upcoming season, the goal is to get to a really good basic training and thus establish myself in the senior national team.

Rickard Kåhre - Alpine skiing 


My name is Richard Kåhre and I was born in Linköping in 1991. I fell for alpine skiing already at 7 years old when my sister got a taste for skiing after a skiing holiday. For several years I trained in Kisa and went off to Sälen during the weekends in the Autumn. When I finally was accepted to ski high school I achieved one of my biggest goals in life and moved without hesitation from home at age 16. Furthermore, I moved to Gallivare, 130 mil north. In Gällivare I spent four years at ski school to develop my skiing and myself as a person. It was a great opportunity just to train in the daytime and have several full time employed trainers who helped with the planning. Now I go to ski college in Tarnaby and move home to Linkoping over the Summer. My first year at the ski college I fell in Switzerland at the beginning of the season and pulled a ligament and I have has since then tried to keep my physique and knee strength in top form. 

Sara Söderberg - Friidrott

Namn: Sara Söderberg
Född: 1994
Idrott: Friidrott – 60, 100 och 200 meter
Personliga rekord: 60m 7,64s, 100m 11,96s och 200m 24,54s
Klubb: Tjalve IF Norrköping
Sysselsättning: Student

Jag heter Sara Söderberg, är 23 år gammal och tränar och tävlar i friidrottsgrenarna 60, 100 och 200 meter.  Jag har tränat friidrott sedan jag var 9 år gammal, jag fastnade för friidrott eftersom det är en så mångsidig idrott. Jag har tränat och tävlat i alla möjliga grenar sedan dess men nu satsar jag på kort sprint, det vill säga 60, 100 och 200 meter. Jag har tagit flera junior SM-medaljer i både sprint och mångkamp. Jag har även medaljer från Nordiska och Baltiska mästerskapen för juniorer och har tagit 2 medaljer på ”stora” SM i mångkamp. Jag har även deltagit i en hel del uppdrag i juniorlandslaget.
Sommaren 2016 lyckades ta 2 guld på junior-SM i Hässleholm, både på 100m och på 200m. Jag deltog även i Nordiska-Baltiska U23 Mästerskapen i Finland där jag sprang 100m, 200m och 4x100m. I stafetten lyckades vi ta ett silver. Jag avslutade säsongen med mångkamps-SM i Falun. Där lyckades ta ett silver i kvinnor 22 och kom på en 5:e plats i kvinnor!


Edvin Johansson

Jag heter Edvin Johansson och är 22 år. Jag elitsatsar för att nå världseliten i kanot och kanotmaraton. I år 2015 har jag haft min bästa säsong någonsin då jag har fått representera Sverige vid två internationella tillfällen. Första gången var vid en internationell K4 (fyramanna) tävling i Valladolid i Spanien där vi slutade på sjunde plats i tufft internationellt motstånd. Andra gången jag representerade Sverige var vid Dalslands kanotmaraton där jag slutade på tolfte plats av 600 deltagare. Dalslands kanotmaraton ingår i world-maratonseries och har många internationella deltagare. Detta år hade jag även fina framgångar på SM där jag tog medalj i K2 (tvåmanna) och K4 (fyramanna). På SM tog jag mig också till A-final i senior klass på K1 1000m. Min målsättning är att under de närmsta åren få representera Sverige vid fler internationella tävlingar och mästerskap och kunna placera mig.