Our facilities

Here at Campushallen you will find our premises are adapted for a wide range of activities. Here are details of our premises including width, length, height and the equipment that is available.

In conjunction with our regular activities available here we offer the opportunity to arrange tournaments, play indoor football, sports lessons for children and young people, lectures for college, overnight stays for larger events, reception for new students, SM bug etc.. The possibilities are many, and our facilities enable a wide range of activities for rental.


Large athletics hall and seating

Our large sports hall can be divided into three modules, A, B and C hall, where the dimensions of the hall is 48-30 meters and with a ceiling height of 7 meters. In total, 1,000 people capacity at any one time when the hall is in use. A dense sliding wall divides the modules into three separate spaces for the best opportunity for different activities simultaneously. Each ball module comes with 4 badminton courts with associated nets and poles. the badminton courts are also used for tabletennis. Tabletennis tables and nets are available for rent. The possibility to play indoor hockey on a smaller pitch with the frame and the goals in A and B halls. It is also possible to play indoor hockey on a full pitch, but then over all three modules. Games in the whole hall include handball and can also be used in futsal (indoor football). Traditional gymnastics equipment is available, such as ten wall bars, three bars, four pair Roman rings and three thick carpets in the A-hall, where you will also find a climbing wall for top rope climbing and a bouldering all. The climbing wall is used in our regular schedule, and can also be rented to obtain a green card in climbing. In the halls you will find marks in the floor for badminton, basketball (three abreast or a center court), volleyball and handball / indoor football. The C hall has mirrored walls along the long side offering the opportunity for group training in dance and choreography.



Our ball halls offer the opportunity for tournament play with retractable bleachers for support and cheering for about 300 people per module. When using the stand occupies the surface corresponding to a badminton court and thereby reduces the total usable area. The stands are divided into three parts, one for each Module (A-, B- and C-hall). The stands are booked in advance and are prepared by authorized personnel from Campushallen.



A studio group exercise room with mirrored wall for dance and choreography. Studios dimensions are 17 x 11 meters. Space for 40 participants depending on the type of class. In the studio's storage we have bosu-tools, core balls, stretch mats, yoga mats and the venue also has kettlebells in many different weights. The studio is located on the ground floor with the glass windows out to the corridor towards the changing rooms in the reception.


Bike hall

The bike hall is built over three levels with a platform at the front for the instructor. The bike hall is equipped with mirrors on the short sides and a total of 36 bicycles arranged in three rows with about 12 bikes on each row, and one bicycle on the platform. Room for 35 participants. The bicycle hall is on the ground floor.


Utsikten hall

The group training hall on the second floor. Dimensions 4 x 16 meters.
One long side with windows out to the athletics hall, with the ability to pull curtains and sliding options with sliding windows.
The hall is mainly used for yoga, Pilates, TRX, mental training as well as training facilities. The gall is best suited for classes without movement and hops. Room for a maximum of 20 participants depending on the type of class.
Utsikten is on the 1st floor and is accessed via the stairs at the entrance.


Athletics Hall


The Athletics Hall, which is adjacent to Campushallen, owned by the Academic house which rents it to the municipality of Linköping, which in turn leases it to associations, schools, etc. Through a partnership between Campushallen and Linköping municipality, we offer a combination card for private individuals, the so called Diamand card. You can also buy an athletics card (formerly called individual training cards) for athletics training inside the athletics hall only.

Availability and booking
To get access to the athletics hall, you can book it on the municipal local booking. If it is less than two weeks before the desired rental period you can also contact our reception who will help with the booking.

Athletics as a form of training
Are you interested in athletics in an association? LGIF is the compound utilising the athletics hall the most. Contact them for more information about when, how and where they work! Campushallen offers group training including running as exercise and through our various training card, you can also use the athletics hall for own training with the condition that you have a Diamond card or individual training card.