Memberships and Prices

We'd love for you to join us!

Campushallen believe in breadth and diversity. We want to provide the best conditions for all kinds of people, as well as a wide range of physical activities. We also believe that varied training provides better conditions for a healthier and stronger lifestyle, and with a Campushallen membership you always have access to wide and varied workouts! 



How frequently will you be working out during your holidays? Will you be in and out of town? Would your summer visitors like to join you?

Summer calls for spontaneous trips and outings with guests travelling from near and far. Sommarklippet was made for people who want to stay active during the summer holidays, but don’t know how often or when. Get your workouts for only SEK 29.90 a pop!

Sommarklippet gives you access to Campushallen’s entire range on offer. It contains 10 full day admissions and is valid June-August 2018. You may attend as many classes and ball games as you like, and stay for as long as you want in the gym during our opening hours, 10 times.

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With Campushallen card Always you have access to Campushallen's full range on offer during our opening hours.

Always Year: SEK 409 PCM, total SEK 4 900 p.a.
Always Month: SEK 620 PCM




With Campushallen's Daytime membership you have full access to Campushallen's range of training activities before 3:30pm. You need to check in before 3:30pm but you can stay until closing time. You may also participate in activities that start before or no later than 3:30pm.

Daytime Year: SEK 286 PCM, total SEK 3 430 p.a.
Daytime Month: SEK 440 PCM


10 session card

Campushallen's 10 session card gives you full access to our wide range of activities. It contains ten entries and is valid for one year from date of purchase. Once checked in you can take part in as many ball games or group classes as you like, or workout in the gym for as long as you want during our opening hours.

10 session Always: SEK 990 
10 session Daytime: SEK 690
10 session Court Rental: SEK 900  Applies to court rental for badminton and table tennis only.



An Admission gives you access to Campushallen's wide range of activities for one full day. You can take part in as many ball games or classes as you like, or workout in the gym for as long as you want during our opening hours.
LSIF membership is not required to buy an admission ticket.

Admission Daytime: before 3.30pm SEK 100 
Admission Always: after 3:30pm SEK 140 



The Athletics card gives you access to the indoor athletics arena during certain hours. You will find the times on our activity schedule. In cooperation with the municipality of Linköping, we offer at least 20 hours per week. 

Athletics Month: SEK 160 PCM