Massage and treatments

Our experienced male and female massage therapists provide quality treatments to meet your specific needs. 

Maybe you need help to increase circulation and flexibility? Maybe you want to get rid of your tensions, aches or want to prevent injuries? See one of our experienced massage therapists for a customised treatment.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage is a therapeutic massage, for those who want a deep tissue treatment. This will be customised to your preference and needs. It is a very effective form of massage to treat tension, stiffness, pain, headaches and other problems that can be eased by increased blood circulation. If needed, we perform trigger point therapy, therapeutic stretches and range of movement screenings, and recommend different physical exercises for specific problems. 

The Swedish massage is performed by our certified massage therapists in accordance with the Swedish Massage Advisory Council

Please fill out the health questionnaire available in the upstairs waiting room prior to your appointment.

25 min - SEK 350 50 min - SEK 550 75 min - SEK 750


Lotorp Method - Thoracal mobilisation

The Lotorp Method is a special treatment designed to help clients who suffer from respiratory problems, for example pollen allergy, coughing, fragrance or perfume sensitivity, asthma like disorders or stress. The Lotorp Method is based on Swedish massage and focuses on the treatment of muscles of respiration to give the lungs more space inside the thorax. This treatment also includes special exercises to improve breathing technique, as well as screening of lung capacity and range of movement of the thorax.

As the Lotorp Method is based on follow-up treatments we recommend 3-5 x 75 min treatments.

More information about the Lotorp Method can be found at

Lotorp Method 75 min - SEK 750


Fibro massage - Soft massage

Fibro massage is specially delevoped to help people with chronic muscle pain, such as fibromyalgia. The purpose of the treatment is to create deep relaxation to help the body recover. 

More information about fibromassage can be found at

Fibro massage 75 min - SEK 750


Relaxing massage

A massage treatment with essential oils for relaxation of body and mind.

The massage is performed by a certified spa therapist.

Relaxation 50 min - SEK 550 Relaxation 75 min - SEK 750


Facial treatment

Facial clensing with a scrub and face mask in combination with a stress relieving scalp massage. This treatment is performed by a certified spa therapist. 

Facial 50 min - SEK 550


Foot massage

A soak for the feet with a cleansing scrub, and relaxing foot massage. This treatment is performed by a certifed spa therapist. 

Foot massage 25 min - SEK 350


Full body treatment 

A combination of relaxation massage, facial treatment and foot massage. 
The perfect luxury gift!

Full body treatment 125 min - SEK 1 300