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Transfer agreement 12 month contract

If you have a 12 month contract, you are able to transfer this to another person.


Some points to consider when transferring a membership:

  • The LSIF membership fee is personal and not transferable.
  • When transferring a student membership to someone who is not entitled to the same discount, the remaining period will be changed at regular price.
  • A valid student ID is required to receive student discount.
  • If the transfer occurs after the 15th of the month, the following month's payment must be paid at the reception. This is because the direct debit will not start until the following month.


The easiest way to transfer is for both persons to be present at Campushallen's reception. If this is not possible, you can fill out this transfer agreement. The agreement is completed by the person who is transferring the card and must be completed in full.
The person who will take over the membership needs to complete the transfer at Campushallen's reception.

Direct debit when transferring 12 month contract

The direct debit will be connected to new owner's account or debit card. Please have access to your clearing and account number.

Valid transfer agreement 

The person transferring the card needs to be logged in at for the agreeement to be valid. Fill out the form and confirm that the agreement is correct by forwarding the confirmation email to


To transfer a membership to another person we charge an administration fee of 350 kr.