Subscribe to your reservations in your calendar!

Oct 1, 2015

On our website we have a feature that allows you to subscribe to your reservations in your calendar. It means that you do not need to enter reservations in the calendar, but they will appear automatically.




Log in to our website and go to "My Profile"





In the right column you will find a button that says "Enable calendar« click it. 













Copy the  URL that appers eg. (

Paste in the URL as a subscription in your smartphone, calendar application or the web service you use.

What to do on a Iphone?

Short instructions for Iphone.

What to do on an Android?

  • Log in to your  Gmail-account via a computer or web browser on your telephone.
  • Go to »Calendar«
  • In the column on the left hand side click on the icon (looks lika a square with a filled arrow facing downwards)  after the heading »Other calendar«
  • Choose »Add URL”
  • Paste the link you copied from 'My Profile' on
  • Click on »Add to calendar«
  • Complete!

It may take a little while before the bookings pop up in your phone.

Good luck!