Book your training online

Oct 1, 2015

The best exercise is the one that you complete! We believe that  good planning and simple booking of activities that you wish to participate in is a good way to get continuity in your training.

Earlier, before we redesigned our website we used apps for smartphones to facilitate the booking of activities at Campushallen. Now we have a website that is "responsive", which means that it works equally well on a mobile device as it does on a normal computer. Since the ease of booking activities is important for us we have focused a lot on our website not to be dependent on the size or device used.

Add our activity schedule as a bookmark, so you can reach it quickly and easily. On mobile devices you also have a shortcut to the "your bookings« directly below the menu button. This is so that you can quickly and easily get an overview of your scheduled activities and other reservations for treatments and personal training are also shown in the list.


Iphone - add activity schedule as an icon on your Homepage.

  • Open Safari and surf to 
  • Choose "view full schedule" under "Upcoming classes"
  • Click on the icon that looks lika a square with an arrow upwards, at the bottom of the screen
  • Choose "Add to full screen", a rounded square with a + in the middle 
  • Enter the name you wish to have on the icon and then click "add"
  • Finished!

Save username and password in Safari

Under "Menu", on the website, log in with your username and password. It is important that you set the phone to save your credentials, otherwise you need to enter username and password each time, which is a bit time consuming.

Under Settings > Safari > Password and autofill "Name and password" should be ON.

Android - Add activity schedule as an icon on your Homepage.

  • Open webbrowser and surf to
  • Click on the menu on the phone
  • Choose "Add to fullscreen"
  • Finished!