This is us!

Delivery address: Johannes Magnus Väg 21, 583 30 Linköping

Postal address: 581 83 Linköping

Invoicing: Campushallen/LSIF, Kund-id FRX6566, FE 301, 105 69 Stockholm or email:

Org. nummer: 822000-9404 | Bankgiro: 403-2983

GPS coordinates: WGS84

Bus to Campushallen

Bus stop: Nobeltorget

Parking at Campus Valla

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Phone: 013 10 08 72
Fax: 013 10 19 81
Opening hours: see opening hours here 




Pia Carlsson

General manager

Phone: 013 327 24 24





Invoicing and finance








Gunilla Jonsson

Wellness and Customer & Member Service team manager 


Phone: 013 327 24 37





Anna Tanttinen 

General Manager Gym, Ball Games and Group Exercise

Phone 013 327 24 26





Helen Salenmo

Group Exercise coordinator

Phone: 013 327 24 35





Camilla Rehn

Coordonator, PT

Phone: 013 327 24 36






Mattias Högström

Facilities services

Contact Mattias






Mathilda Flood

PT, instructor

Contact Mathilda






Josefin Doverfors

PT, massage therapist, instructor

Contact Josefin






Clay Jayson

PT, massage therapist, instructor

Contact Clay






Maria Gillies

Massage therapist

Contact Maria






Ida Karlsson

Zen coach, massage therapist, instructor

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Ellinor Eskilsson

Massage therapist, instructor, coordinator Reception

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Jane Svalin


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Mikaela Kron

Reception, instructor, gym host

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Andreas Segerlund

Reception, instructor, gym host

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Christoffer Mannelqvist

Reception, gym host

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