About us

Campushallen has a mission statement that sums up the activities we offer, and why. The mission statement guides us in our daily work, and our commitment to constantly deliver and create more sports and sports enjoyment.

We offer sports and fitness activities of high quality, breadth and diversity.
We work with health promoting activites to get people to become inspired, stronger and to feel better. We want to create sports enjoyment!​

To further clarify what we mean, we have also chosen to define health from our perspective:

  • Health is defined from a medicinal, social and personal oriented perspective.
  • Exercise has a proven and powerful effect as a preventive measure for several medical conditions. Training can also be proven, from a social perspective, to increase the level of health during illnesses in general.
  • Percieved illness from a personal perspective can lead to medical and social disorders, and vice versa.
  • Health from medical perspective increases your chances to also possess health from other perspectives.
  • Your view of health affects your perceived health status. Also, your percieved health status affects your level of health from the social perspective.


We have also chosen to work with clarification of breadth and diversity:

  • With breadth, we mean offering a large variety in terms of activities and forms of exercise, different intensities and class lengths, with and withouth gear/music, indoors and outdoors.
  • With diversity, we mean that everyone is welcome, provided that they follow the rules. We welcome everybody and see diversity as an asset!